A research-oriented company

The EASIE-R TM Simulator
for Interventional Endoscopy and Laparoscopy

EASIE-R Laparoscopy/SILS Setup

EndoSim is a research-oriented company to promote the use of ex-vivo animal tissue simulation for use in endoscopy and laparoscopy training, in the development of new accessories and techniques, and in assessing competency and skill. Juergen Hochberger, MD, PhD, a pioneer in the field of endoscopy simulation, developed the CompactEASIE simulator and the EASIE team training concept. The newest version of the EASIE series, the EASIE-R was developed by Kai Matthes, MD, PhD, Director of Endosim. The construct validity of the EASIE simulators has been demonstrated in multiple national and international research studies published in major peer-reviewed journals. The purpose of our company is to expand the emerging field of endoscopic simulation by making it ever easier for gastroenterologists, surgeons and for vendors alike to have access to multi-use, all purpose, clean models to use as needed. We also aim to expand the capabilities of existing simulators to allow for the performance of colon, small bowel, EUS and even NOTES techniques all on the same platform. We hope to provide endoscopists critically needed repetitive practice of skills prior to training on real subjects, opportunities that will be of paramount importance as the techniques designed for therapeutic endoscopy grow increasingly invasive.

EASIE-R NOTES Simulation
EASIE-R NOTES/SILS/Laparoscopy Simulation
EASIE-R NOTES/SILS/Laparoscopy Simulation
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