EndoSim is a pioneer in the field of real tissue (ex-vivo) endoscopic simulation

EndoSim provides the most validated ex-vivo simulation environment based on multiple peer-reviewed research studies

EndoSim is a state of the art training and research facility with 10 working endoscopic stations

EndoSim provides a large group of experienced simulation staff ready to assist with your simulation and training needs

EndoSim’s advisory board is well connected in the medical community with highly recognized physician leaders serving.

EndoSim is well connected in the medical community with recognized physician leaders serving on the advisory board

The EASIE-RTM from EndoSim provides a modification of the Erlangen Active Simulator for Interventional Endoscopy (EASIETM) designed for the realistic simulation of interventional endoscopy, including ESD, EUS and NOTES.

EndoSim provides ex-vivo. Simulation models made of USDA inspected tissue obtained from meat production facilities. The use of real tissue provides realistic tactile feedback and the possibility of using commercially available endoscopic and surgical devices.

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