Anesthesia Simulation Models

Intubation Trainer Adults
AnesthesiaSim developed unique hybrid intubation models that combine a reusable silicone phantom head with a cartridge that contains a real tissue ex-vivo oropharyngeal cavity with a real epiglottic and vocal cords. This real tissue anatomical model provides an unparalleled realism due to human-like tissue haptics.

Cartridge Modules

  1. Adult Standard Intubation Model
  2. Adult Difficult Intubation Model
  3. Adult Oropharyngeal Tumor Model
  4. Adult Airway Bleeding Model
Our realistic airway simulators prepare trainees with the skills needed for all critical airway management procedures. An anatomically correct model, with realistic tissue properties and challenging anatomy provide a unique training experience in a calm and standardized setting without the risk of hurting patients.

This model provides skills in

  • Bag-mask ventilation
  • Standard laryngoscopy
  • Video laryngoscopy
  • Naso-tracheal intubation
  • Fiberoptic intubation
  • Placement of supraglottic devices

Intubation Simulator Child

AnesthesiaSim developed an anatomically correct 4-year-old child mannequin both realistic in size and anatomical features. This model is a hybrid model combining a silicone head which facilitates insertion of a real tissue cartridge using ex-vivo tissue.

Cartridge Modules

  1. Child Standard Intubation Model
  2. Child Difficult Intubation Model
  3. Child Oropharyngeal Tumor Model
  4. Child Airway Bleeding Model

This models allows the training of direct and videoscopic intubation of the normal and difficult pediatric airway and also insertion of pediatric supraglottic airway devices.

Intubation Simulator Baby

The baby intubation mannequin from AnesthesiaSim is a hybrid model combining a silicone head which facilitates insertion of a real tissue cartridge using ex-vivo tissue.

Cartridge Modules

  1. Baby Standard Intubation Model
  2. Baby Airway Intubation Model
  3. Baby Oropharyngeal Tumor Model
  4. Baby Airway Bleeding Model

Trainees can practice direct and videolaryngoscopy of the infant airway, bag-mask ventilation and placement of supraglottic devices.

Ultrasound Compatible Lumbar Puncture/Epidural Simulator

This model is designed to train epidural placement and lumbar puncture using ultrasound guidance. The model allows to visualize lumbar landmarks. CSF can be collected. Anatomical structures that can be visualized are spinous process, lumbar vertebrae, transverse process and dura mater.

Central Line Placement Simulator

The central line model is efficient for teaching central line management including cannula approaches and the insertion of central venous catheters into the superior vena cava, with and without ultrasound guidance. Trainees can identify landmarks, including the clavicle, sternocleidomastoid muscle and the internal carotid artery. Ultrasound can be used to navigate the needle for internal jugular approach. The subclavian approach can be trained as well.

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