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Thompson Endoscopic Skills Trainer (TEST)

The Thompson Endoscopic Skills Trainer (TEST) is a portable training tool designed to assess and improve endoscopic skills. The first of its kind, the TEST is broken up into five task-oriented compartments, each of which develops a particular skill used in endoscopy. Capable of distinguishing among a wide range of skill levels, from novice to advanced endoscopist, the TEST is a safe, effective, and objective measure of ability. Additionally, as a training tool, the TEST may be used by beginner endoscopists to familiarize themselves with endoscopic maneuvering before proceeding to procedures inside patients, and by more advanced endoscopists to maintain their skills.


Workshops and Training Courses

  • We provide turn key solutions for your workshop needs.

  • Our EASIE-R simulators and specimens provide instructors and students with a realistic look and feel allowing them to perform real procedures from start to finish.

  • Current procedures include ERCP, EMR, ESD, NOTES, Hemostasis, Perferation Closure, and more...
New and Improved ERCP Model!

Endosim recently implemented a new ERCP adapter. The adapter secures the procedure area in place and facilitates a rapid exchange of chicken hearts allowing for multiple procedures during a single training session.

Evolution of Progress

EASIE-R with Domed Laparoscopy Lid



With Endosim specimens you can...





  • Cannulate
  • Perform Sphincterotomies
  • Perform Gastrotomies and Colotomies
  • Perform Polypectomies
  • Perform Hemostasis
  • Perform Appendectomies
  • Close perforations
  • Dissect lesions
  • Resect lesions
  • Test new technologies
  • Perform new therapies
  • Practice current procedures
  • Conduct hands-on workshops
  • and much more!